We've MOVED! half a block up to 106 East Elkhorn Ave. Same block, same side.

Nov.2017 we MOVED up the block to 106 E.Elkhorn!


It's true! We've outgrown our space and in Nov. 2017 moved to our new location is just half a block up.  Same block, same side,

106 East Elkhorn,

just before the stop light.  

Please send us an email so we can let you know about upcoming events and notify you when our ordering website is live!  gemfiregallery@gmail.com or use the form below


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 Was there something you saw in our gallery that you'd like us to ship?


While our ordering website is in development, we are happy to send you pics of our inventory so you can find the perfect matching earrings, bracelet, or ring for that pendant you bought.  Your friends love your new silver chain?  Order another! We'll ship it right out to you.  

Send us an email below and ask us to add you for notification of when our ordering website is live!




Winter hours we try to be open by

 11 a.m., sometimes noon,

and stay open late, till 8 or 9 p.m.

It's a good idea to call ahead if you are making a special trip to come see us. 970.480.1601


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